Posted by: mallory527 | April 16, 2009

The Scream

Painted Video: The Scream…Edvard Munch
Have you ever gotten that feeling that you’re being watched? Or that something bad could happen to you at just about every corner? This was the feeling the young woman with the red purse had one day on campus.  After paying an obscene amount of money for two hours of parking in the Nebraska parking lot, the young woman with the red purse walked onto campus.  She walked diagonally from the lot towards Mary Graydon Center where she began to get the feeling that she was being followed or at the very least, watched.  She shrugs it off as nothing until a lurking person is seen in the background; she only glares then stands to follow the young woman with the red purse into the building.  The lurking girl has a menacing look on her face as she slowly enters the building with nothing but bad intentions streaming through her mind.  The young woman with the red purse loses her fear as she enters MGC, sitting calmly at one of the vacant computers, looking up grades and checking her email.  She is then once again overcome by a strange feeling that someone is watching her every move.  She begins to panic and wonder why could anyone be watching her? What was so different and special about her? Again after looking once or twice over her shoulder the young woman with the red purse logs off and leaves her computer with the strange feeling of being followed still bothering her.  What she doesn’t know is that this feeling is not unwarranted.  When sitting at the computer the same girl from outside sits close by in the neighboring tavern, staring coldly through the separating glass windows.  Her glare is one of intent and malice as she is obviously staring at no one but the young woman with the red purse.  As the young woman with the red purse briskly walks away from the computers, through the tavern and down the elevator of MGC she seems to have once again forgotten her thoughts of worry and continued on her way.  Only now the thought doesn’t totally vanish from her mind.  She now is constantly uneasy, constantly looking over her shoulder, and almost certain that someone is watching her.  She exits the elevator and makes her way towards the stairs, for a brief moment not experiencing the feeling that she is being watched anymore; it seems clear that no one else is on the floor.  She starts on her way until she feels the horrible glare once again.  Her pace quickens as she starts to walk up the stairs and she starts to look more obviously around her for a culprit; she finds none.  As the young woman with the red purse walks away from the elevator and towards the stairs the stalker can once again be found lurking in the background…there is something that she wants from the young woman with the red purse and she will not stop until she gets it! As the young woman takes her last strides at the top of the stairs the girl cuts her off, grabbing her red purse and bolting out door.  The young girl tries to catch her but is unsuccessful and loses all of her money, credit cards, and keys to the menacing girl.  Just when we think the trickery is over we see the girl hiding in the background as to make a joke out of the young woman and she has now managed to steal a bright red purse, a handful of cash, several credit cards and car keys! What horrible luck for the young woman who can only stand and gasp in despair.


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