Posted by: mallory527 | March 2, 2009

Movie Poster Review

a-beautiful-mind1I chose to talk about A Beautiful Mind’s movie poster because I think that it exemplifies the concept of emphasis, utilizes different lighting/shadowing techniques, exemplifies color as a theme, and differentiates between a foreground and background.  The concept of emphasis can be seen in the lettering of “A Beautiful Mind” because it is the largest within the whole poster.  Russell Crowe’s name is the second largest lettering which is emphasizing his importance as the leading role in the film and acts as an indicator for potential viewers as to who is in the film. The fact that these letters are white also makes them very prominent in comparison to the colorful backdrop and the brown of Crowe’s suit jacket.      

The second thing I noticed about this poster is that it makes creative use of lighting, especially seen in how the shadows lie across Russell Crowe’s face.  The shadowing hints a certain aspects of the film, mainly how John Nash (Crowe’s character), is plagued by schizophrenia and is caught between different personalities other than himself.  The shadow almost perfectly bisects his face showing a separation, possibly of his thoughts and persona. 

The third thing I noticed about the poster is that there seems to be a bit of a color theme.  Most of the colors are dark and shadowy but a majority of it has a greenish blue tint.  This makes the background, which is blurred, match up with the foreground which is sharp and clear.  This could exemplify how although John Nash has these split personalities and split lives that they are all in fact combined into one person.  A lot of this poster has to do with separations that indicate splits but also indicate commonalities due to the fact that the main character is a schizo.

The final element that I recognized about this poster that has been a point of discussion in class is that of foreground and background.  It is clear that the foreground is sharp and clear while the background is blurred and confusing.  This helps to emphasize the split that already exists in the poster therefore it acts as an emphasis for the theme of the movie (split personalities) as well. The blurred image of the man in the backdrop also forces the viewer to spend more time looking at the poster and attempting to decipher the meaning of the blurred man.

The use of different photographic elements to emphasize and communicate the idea of schizophrenia help to create a unity in the poster.  I think the concept is interesting and well implemented.  



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