Posted by: mallory527 | February 23, 2009

Title Sequence Review


The title sequence that I chose for this assignment was from the movie Monsters Inc. What I really liked about this sequence was the use of symmetry in the choice of colors throughout the entire clip, the color contrasts and compliments in all of the doors, and especially how the movements during the whole segment correspond to the music.  There is a definite use of color shades and tints, as seen in the first 20 seconds when the blue door is put together.  In the door’s structure there are different shades and tints of blue that give the door a cartoony and realistic look.  Further on in the sequence there is a use of symmetry when the purple doors are lined up on the left side of the screen and the pink are on the right.  This portion also demonstrates asymmetry when the doors are shuffled together because even though they are all the same structure they are of different shapes sizes and color. 

Later on in the clip when the orange, red and yellow doors are shown the use of color compliments is implemented.  I say this because the color red is a compliment of green and seeing as a majority of the doors are red or red-orange in color they compliment the bright green of the monster entering and exiting them (putting more emphasis on him).  Also when talking about the concept of using doors in the sequence it could be said that repetition and theme are being demonstrated. 

Finally, although this sequence uses illustrations that are not quite three dimensional, it still hints at the concept of depth perception.  The one instance that stands out in my mind about this is when a door opens and you only see the opened mouth of a monster.  This demonstrates perception because the lips and teeth of the monster are obviously quite large, but as you see further back into his throat the smaller the circles are the more deep you think the monster’s mouth is (hinting he must be a pretty large monster).  

Overall the sequence is entertaining, exciting for the eyes and makes pretty good use of some photographic and color elements we have discussed in class.


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