Posted by: mallory527 | February 12, 2009

Art Wolfe: Wildlife Photography

I have always been interested in wildlife photography as well as any type of photography that focuses on capturing the beauty, simplicity, and magnificence of nature.  When looking for a wildlife photographer I discovered Art Wolfe. I found out from his website(see bottom) that Wolfe traveled all over the world photographing subjects ranging from animals to  landscapes to environmental events (such as volcanic eruptions). After viewing a collection of his photos of various landscapes, it was evident that Wolfe has a keen eye for color contrast and complements as well as for creating perspective and symmetry within his works.  What I really liked about Wolfe’s photos is that they all convey a sort of surrealness and calmness.  The coloring in some seems almost artificial because the lighting is absolutely perfect and the hues and shades of the colors are so incredibly varied. What I also liked and admired about Wolfe’s photographs is the patience he must have had to take them.  Snapping a photo of various wild animals and landscapes at such a close range, and still being able to capture a beautiful shot requires a lot of skill and as mentioned, patience.  

 Wolfe’s clear attention to detail to even the smallest flower or cloud adds depth and interest into his photos making each one unique and monumental.  The  lighting in each of the photos is truly amazing as well.  In the photo above of the “Joshua Trees,” Wolfe manages to capture the illuminated purple and orange sky in the background while keeping the trees in a silhouette.  This technique adds to the compelling nature of the photo and actually puts more emphasis on the tree while leaving it colorless (you can see more of the detail of the branches and the shape of the tree itself). In the second photo of the horse there is an intense emphasis on the color contrast of the pure white horse against the ominous blue/gray/black sky.  The white colored horse stands out incredibly against the darker colors of the sky giving the photo an ominous feel to it

When looking at the first photo what really caught my attention was how bright the yellow flowers looked in comparison to the other colors surrounding them.  The purple, blue, and pink in the sky are also very strong however the yellow seems to be the most prominent.  I think this photograph demonstrates the use of color to show harmony, seeing as colors in the landscape match some of the colors in the sunset.  The use of line in this photo is also very unique because it guides the eye to two different points in the photo (the diagonal of the landscape against the mountain and the sky colliding with the tops of the mountains). I was really impressed with the techniques and outcomes of all of Art Wolfe’s photographs and will most likely look to them in the future for inspiration.


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