Posted by: mallory527 | February 9, 2009

Photo Review

 n1500029_37099586_9704  This photograph was actually taken by my brother when he was in Colorado for the National Convention.  I’ve loved this picture since the first day he showed it to me due to its simplicity and the way it makes me feel like a tiny ant in comparison to the monumental clouds and endless sand. What works about this photo is the contrast between the muted colors of the white clouds and tan sand against the bright blue sky.  The whole photo gives off a vibe of how insignificant and small we are on this earth and even makes you wonder how something this beautiful could ever come into being.  The simplicity, as mentioned above, is a major reason that this photo works.  I feel if there were mountains or people in the picture it would only take away from the beauty and serenity of the scene.  The cropping of the photograph was also perfect because it captured just enough of the dunes. 

    What I really liked about this photo is how the sand dunes and the clouds collide with one another without the blue sky interfering.  This aspect sort of makes me wonder what is beyond those sand dunes? Is it just vast amounts of more sand? Or a lake? Or even a town?  This colliding of the land and clouds leaves a sense of mystery about the photo and allows the viewer to use their imagination when thinking of what could be beyond the dunes.  What I also liked about the photo is that none of the colors are over-powering any of the others.  There are monochromatic tints of either tan, blue, white, or gray that all seem to add to the majestic nature of the scene. The contrast of the white against the blue adds to the sky’s intensity because it is so blue in comparison to the pure white.  One final thing that I really liked about this photo is that the sun seems to have provided the perfect lighting for the shot.  There is no over exposure, or glare accompaning the scene, just the perfect amount of illumination to give the image a soft, almost heavenly look.

    There is nothing I could change about this photo because if I did it would take away from the natural beauty of the scene.  My brother did say that he took this picture as he was bent over with the camera near his ankles, tilted up, meaning that he must have been shooting from a low angle.  Due to this fact, I may have tried to get even a bit further down to make the dunes appear larger, while keeping the clouds at their intersecting point and leaving more space for the blue sky. However, if I did do this I may risk losing the great effect of the billowing clouds on the sand. The final thing that I noticed is that the dunes are not made to be the focal point of the scene.  There doesn’t seem to be any specific center point of the photo which I think adds to its monumental appearance.


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