Posted by: mallory527 | February 9, 2009

Photo Essay: Making Breakfast

\”Sunday Morning Breakfast (photobucket)\”

For my photo essay I chose not to focus on a person but rather an action.  Every Sunday morning my housemates all like to cook breakfast together.  I chose to show the process of them cooking breakfast from the beginning to end.  The coffee cup at the beginning symbolizes how my roomates start their morning with a bit of caffeine to wake up. The photos following show the middle process of cooking breakfast by cutting up all of the ingredients, scrambling the eggs, and combining everything together.  The last photo, or the finished product, could be considered the “end” of my housemate’s breakfast story because they have completed their concoction and created something that is nice to look at and equally delicious. I also decided not to include my roomates in any of the photos because it seemed to take away the focus on the different foods which to me were more important and way more fun to shoot.  Also, the lighting used in this photo essay was mostly just natural sunlight, with a little help from the overhead oven and kitchen lights.



  1. Mallory, your photo essay has a clear theme and consistency on the whole, so thats good. What I would suggest is to try to get in closer on some of the foods. A few of the photos seemed repetitive because of the similar action going on in them. If you concentrate on the different textures of the foods that could separate those images some more. Good use of motion blur in a few of them, though.

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