Posted by: mallory527 | February 1, 2009

Word Illustration: “Profile”

        final-copyThe word that I picked for this assignment was that of “profile.” Originally, when discovering my word I thought capturing it in a photograph would easy…I was wrong.  After deciding that I didn’t want to go the traditional route of photographing a person’s profile I went searching around my house for something that would be equally, if not more interesting to snap a photo of.  During my search I came across a snow globe sitting on my brother’s bureau and thought it would be perfect for my composition.   The snow globe houses a character from the New Yorker magazine, standing still and tilting his head up to look at the snow.  Because of the weather we have been having it seemed relevant to use him as my subject.  Rather than just taking a picture of the snow globe I played with a few different lighting colors using colored construction paper to change the tint, ultimately choosing red because it matched the man’s hat and was a good contrast for the other colors of his outfit. In addition to changing the tint of the light I played around with a flashlight to see if I could illuminate some interesting angles within the globe.  After changing the angles and lighting for about an hour I took, what I think, is a good depiction of profile.  Only the left side of the man’s face and body is illuminated indicating that I captured a picture of his profile.  I also illuminated his face because I felt as though most people associate the word ‘profile’ with a face.



  1. That is such a great picture! I love the lighting and the color. It looks like it took a lot of time.

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