Posted by: mallory527 | February 1, 2009

Ad Design Review

The ad that I chose is from Dior, advertising Hypnotic Poison, a perfume that they distribute. What first caught my eye about this ad is the coloring of it. As you can see the most predominate color is a deep red, with other shades of red mixed in throughout the rest of the ad. This most likely indicates the theme of the ad; the perfume itself is contained in a deep red colored bottle. The second thing that I noticed was the light source used and its strength in the ad. The strongest light is focused on the woman’s face with small amounts of the lighting reflecting onto the perfume bottle. This leads the viewer’s attention to both the bottle and the woman’s face, presumably hoping for the effect that the viewer will connect the two, realizing that Hypnotic Poison is a perfume for women. Also with the coloring of the bottle being a deep red, as well as the lips and nails of the woman, it could also be hinting that by using the perfume Hypnotic Poison you too will become ‘hypnotic,’ due to the fact that these objects are synced.
The clothing the woman is wearing is mostly black, as is her hair which is a good contrast for the red. As we know color can convey different emotions to the viewer, meaning it can be soothing, irritating etcetera; in this case it is rather intensifying and intriguing.
What I found interesting is that the only color, other than red, black, and the gold lettering of the designer’s name, is the woman’s green eyes. I think that due to the name of the perfume the woman is supposed to seem rather hypnotic which is accomplished by using this very light green and the contrast of color. The fact that the colors red and green are complements further makes this choice interesting and captivating for the viewer. Overall, the ad conveys an aura of intensity, intrigue and seduction with its use of different shades of red and only hints of black, gold, and green.



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